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IBM As We Know It To Be Gone By 2015

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Posted 10 May 2012 - 07:22 PM

Things are not all rosey at IBM as the 24/7 TV business channels would have you believe. IBM has come out with a draconian way to raise earnings per share to $20 by 2015 which they have dubbed "Road Map 2015". But employees quickly renamed it "Road Kill 2015". Why? Because basically it involves moving as many jobs as possible overseas by that date.

Which is kind of cute because last year IBM reduced the annual employee bonus and added a new carrot to motivate the troops - around $1000 in stock to be given to each employee.

Sounds good, but the stock bonus had one little catch.

You had to still be an IBM employee when 2015 rolled around in order to collect it.

As Cousin Eddie said at the end of the saucer sled scene in Christmas Vacation - "BINGO!"

Needless to say, the suits in Armonk knew none of that stock was ever at risk.

Don't believe me? Well then, let's let well known and respected technology journalist Robert Cringely talk about what is happening. He recently posted a number of articles on the current state of the company. Some of it might be a little technical and involve acronymns you aren't familiar with, but you'll quickly get the overall gist of the sorry state of the company. And if you think that Cringely is exaggerating, you'll see from the reader comments by IBMers that not only is he absolutely correct, the situation is actually worse than he describes.

If you need any more confirmation, just ask a local IBM employee how wonderful their current situation is and what the future promises for them.

Let's add another interesting bit of info to the picture. Did you see the announcement the other day about how IBM renewed their lease with Huron for the Endicott facility? Did you see how long the lease was for? Three years. Seems like an odd number, doesn't it? Hmmmm ...... 2012 plus 3 = ... (drum roll) .... 2015!

Here are all of Cringely's articles:







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Posted 11 May 2012 - 06:01 AM

A little more information has come to light. It seems that one of the IBM Endicott executives sent out an email to employees about the lease. While you may think that IBM is a sprawling facility, very little of that space is used by actual IBMers anymore (the manufacturing buildings are with Endicott Interconnect, BAE is moving in, etc). In fact, according to the email, all remaining IBMers are going to be moved into a single building. That building is 256, which is the building bordering Watson Blvd and is just west of Hayes Ave.

By November 1st of this year, all remaining IBMers will be consolidated into 256, which will be made into an IBM-only access building with a staffed lobby. Since all recent press releases about the lease put the number of current IBMers at 800, you may be wondering how there is enough room in that single two-story building to hold all of them. Well, the truth is, most IBMers work from home. In fact, there was a recent push to strongly encourage those still at the plant to move out. They were told that if they did not move home and chose to remain in Endicott that, no matter what their current job title or size of their current office, they would be doubled-up into 12' x 12' offices.

So come Thanksgiving time, it will be really easy to see how many people REALLY still work in Endicott. Just drive to Hayes Avenue and look to the west between Watson Blvd and the train tracks.

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Posted 11 May 2012 - 06:27 AM

OK, this isn't really all that new. IBM execs for years have stated that IBM should not be making anything. They should only selling what they do best, Think. Invent new technology and then sell it to somebody else to develope and manufacture; as demonstrated with the chip plants.



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Posted 11 May 2012 - 11:08 AM

Is it any wonder really that IBM would be gone ???....Do you know what it takes to do business in NY ???....It's almost impossible when you take everything into account...I can't say that I blame them....Even small little tiny Mom and Pop businesses struggle to make it, and most of them don't because of one regulation or another or one insurance cost or another, this state puts so many handcuffs on businesses it's amazing there's any here to begin with...The sooner we elect officials who are interested in more than tv face time and are truly are interested in the job they were elected to do, the better off we'll be....
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